We have often seen the car fanatics argue about European cars and American cars. And, most of the time the Americans get beaten. But not this time bro! Let’s take a look why.

#1. Customization- this is where the American car manufacturers started to beat the European manufactures. American muscle cars are bigger in size. So this helps the owner to have more space for customization. Starting from attaching an aftermarket nitrous oxide to a adding a bigger superchager, the American muscles have all the space. Not only that the cars are much more spacious from inside. But in case of European cars; the cars are designed in such a way that there is nearly no space for extra parts. All the space either gets used by the freaking gizmos or is too compactly designed leaving very less or no space.

#2. Appealing– Starting from ‘Gone in sixty seconds’ to the ‘Fast and furious’ series, American muscle cars have always been the epitome of attraction. The word that is suitable for the cars is ‘sexy’. Research shows that girls are more attracted towards men using American muscle. Reason being simple that due to their monstrous size American cars make an average looking man much more powerful. And chicks always dig for strong looking men.

#3. Price– The Americans have always outsmarted the Europeans when it comes to the price tag of the cars. Let’s take into consideration a small example- A 2014 Chevy Camaro 1LS, powered by a 323 bhp, 3.6L, V6 engine will cost something around $24,000. Whereas a BMW 6 Series coupe houses a 3L, 315 Bhp will drag $76,000 from your pocket. So instead of buying a BMW it’s suggestive to go for 3 Chevys, one for you, one for your wife and one for your son. And not just that, you can still afford to pay for 6 months of gas after buying the cars.

#4. Sound– When it comes to Americans, they have always hated decibel limits. They always go for big. And their cars do not disappoint. They sound as big as they look. European cars have always gone cheap when it comes to sound. They seem to hide something. But American cars are big and loud. When you start your Audi or Merc in your garage your spouse may be happy hearing the sound and thinking that you are meddling with the blender in the kitchen. But that’s not the case with American cars. They are big and they are loud and they are what you call manly. When a BMW purrs, a Dodge roars.

#5. Gizmos– The Europeans have always fantasized sophistications. Their cars are no exceptions as they load the central console with too many switches and buttons. That’s not the case with American muscles. They are much simpler. The European cars are so sophisticated that even Sebastian Loeb will become Stephen Hawking behind a Jaguar’s steering wheel.

So next time your German friend boasts about the BMW sitting in his garage, lend him the keys to your Ford Mustang